First project done! New Years resolution to take up a new hobby is continuing strong! Thanks to Kayla for inspiring me to take up #knitting  
And it’s just in time for cold weather coming this way! High-res

First project done! New Years resolution to take up a new hobby is continuing strong! Thanks to Kayla for inspiring me to take up #knitting
And it’s just in time for cold weather coming this way!

Hi! I was just wondering why you chose to be vegan? I'm a vegetarian so I under stand the whole stop eatting animals thing. But why did you give up milk, cheese, eggs, etc. ? It doesn't hurt the animals to give up milk :) (I hope I'm not coming off rude! I just wanted to know :))

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I chose to be vegan for many reasons. 

  • I don’t own animals
  • Animals are not here for my benefit, pleasure or gain, they have their own agenda
  • I am not better than any animal, human or not
  • I don’t want to pay for abuse and suffering to another living being
  • We’re not biologically designed to eat meat or animal bi products
  • It’s unnatural
  • Harms the planet
  • Adds to world hunger epidemic
  • Causes disease
  • I love animals, so why abuse, exploit, and punish something I love? I realized that when my actions contradicted my statement of loving animals, I stopped
  • I am against animal cruelty, so I stopped paying for it to happen. Just because I don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening because of my money 
  • It’s mean to eat animals or take their milk or eggs 

There is more cruelty in a glass of milk than in a steak if you ask me. 

What the dairy industry wants you to think goes on:


What actually goes on:



To get milk: They are almost always: kicked, punched, stabbed, hit, get their bones/tails broken, etc. They are also raped, to impregnate them. You need to give birth to get breast milk for any species. This cow goes through a stressful pregnancy, with barely any room to move, and then when she gives birth, her baby is ripped away from her. Cows have feelings too, the mother cries to get her baby back (like any mom of any species would, human or not) for DAYS on end. The cow gets stressed and depressed. The baby cows are then fattened up and sent to the veal slaughterhouse (so your money does go to killing animals). The mother cows are pumped full of hormones and shit to get them to produce more milk than normal. Then they hook her up to a machine and suck her dry. They repeat this process for years, until she is deemed “useless” and chopped up for a gross burger. 90% of the worlds beef comes from dairy farm cows. Every glass of milk you has, is milk a baby calf didn’t get. We are no one to use cows as machines. We are the only species who still drinks breast milk as grown adults, AND IT’S NOT EVEN OUR OWN SPECIES BREAST MILK! We don’t need cows milk any more than we need dogs milk. We only EVER need human breast milk from our mother, and once we’re done with that, that’s all we ever need. If you need your “milk” fix, there are options that are cruelty free, plant based milks. My favourite is soy. So yes, it hurts the animals a whole lot to get dairy. I’ll say it again, there’s more pain and suffering in a glass of milk than in a steak.

To get eggs: The chickens are cooped up together so close together that they have no room to move (yes, even “free range”). Their beaks are sawed off (WITH NO PAIN KILLERS) so they don’t peck each other to death from going mad from being so confined. It’s NO WAY FOR ANYONE TO LIVE. The baby chicks that come from these chickens are then taken and chopped up alive for some cheap chicken meat. And by the way, an “egg” is a chickens period. 

From an animal rights perspective, breeding and raising chickens for eggs is exploitative no matter how well they are treated because we are infringing on the chickens’ right to be free of human use. Whenever an animal is used for human means, the animal’s rights and freedoms are being compromised. 

Eggs and Animal Welfare

While the animal rights view opposes animal agriculture no matter how well the animals are treated, even people who believe the animal welfare view (believing that animal use is not in itself wrong, as long as the animals are treated well while they are alive) would find it difficult, if not impossible, to defend a modern egg factory.

In a modern egg factory, tens of thousands of hens are stacked on top of each other in cages that are so crowded, the hens cannot even stretch their wings. In a battery cage, each hen has less room than an 8.5 x 11” sheet of paper. In some factory farms, the bottoms of the cages are made of wire, so that waste falls through the bottom of the cage onto the birds below. The hens are debeaked without anesthesia; the pointy front of their beaks are cut off so that they don’t peck each other to death in the unimaginable stress of their confinement.

When they are no longer productive, the “spent” hens are slaughtered. Their flesh is tough and stringy, so the meat of these 100 million hens each year is turned intopet food, compost and school lunches.

At the hatcheries that supply young chickens to factory farms, the males are killed because they are not useful for egg production and they are the wrong breed of chicken to be profitable for meat. At the Hy-Line Hatchery in Iowa, the world’s largest hatchery for egg-laying chickens, the male chicks are ground up while they are still alive.

Except for the extreme confinement, these practices even take place at “cage-free” egg farms, including the debeaking, the slaughter of spent hens and the killing of male chicks.

What egg farms want you to think they’re like:


What they’re actually like:




Go vegan. This is not right.